Scottish Leaders Debate May 3rd 2010

Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy looks like a vampire, yet everyone is clapping for him. That’s what’s piqued my interest actually – the clapping, the heckling, nasty laughter and below-the-belt remarks. The Scottish Leaders’ debate has much more of a pulse than the English version. The leaders look less like they are taking part in a gameshow and more like a line-up at a firing squad, all sweating and trembling as they battle it out for points and support. The Scottish questions are much more scathing too – they don’t appear to have been vetted with such a heavy hand.

Still, at least they aren’t being allowed to just waffle out generalisation after generalisation – it seems refreshingly Scottish as well, none of the leaders sounds like they’ve been to private school, and none of them is wearing as much make up as the English Leaders.

My only real observation here is that as usual, the ‘Scottish version’ of something is a bit rough around the edges and slightly jakey. I can only imagine what the Northern Irish debate was like. I’m too scared to even try and watch it online in case I’m forced to pluck out my own eyeballs and eat them – its been known to happen whilst watching more than one Northern Irish Politician at once.

Plus the PR treatment that politicians get in NI is 2nd to none – their spin doctors have a pretty difficult job making people like Gerry look like one of the good guys, let alone Dr No (AKA Ian Paisley).

Oul Gerry

Gerry Adams escapes after a constituency visit turns sour


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