I Love it. I can honestly say that I never tried asparagus until I was 22. Imagine!

I spied some in the supermarket and figured it was probably in season and likely to be good, and I love it when I’m right. I had it with baked white fish and roast potatoes. And I wrapped little bits of parma ham around each bit of asparagus. And I made a sort of warm vinaigrette with melted butter, garlic and balsamic vinegar. Heaven.

If you’ve never tried it it’s not too late! go and buy some and enter a world of juicy tasty veggie goodness, and weird-smelling pee.

It was such a nice meal I had to write it down. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo until I was nearly finished it! It was Asparagasmic.

I gave a bit of fish to my cat, rousing her from her snoozing (in a cardboard box) and sending her into rapture over the skin of the cooked fish. Ugh.



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