carry on camping

 We’re camping in Dornoch this weekend for the wedding of beautiful Morven and lovely Matthew. They’re having a very appealing, laid back, BYOB type wedding and I’m excited about it. Sam and John are coming all the way from London and we’re doing the 4 hour drive tomorrow – fingers crossed the car won’t pack it in on the way!

My summer has been beautiful so far; January seems like a dark faraway place full of greyness and gloom. Ever since the flowers came out and the hedgerows started to smell like sweeties, I’ve been pretty upbeat and generally annoyingly cheerful – Jamie may disagree here, but I think I’ve been fairly chirpy.

The whole city has erupted with greenery, flowers and pub awnings, flip flops and beer gardens; girls are wearing nonsensical shoes and men are baring their peely-wally legs. Every now and then it gets too hot and the sky goes purple, releasing crazy amounts of rain in an attempt to cool everyone down. The smell of hot tarmac after the rain really reminds me of childhood.

The office is sweltering hot every day. Ice lollies are necessary to keep everyone from throwing themselves out the windows. In wintertime I hate going down to the warehouse because it’s sub-zero degrees, but at this time of year I actually like the cool temperature.

The cat is shedding hair mercilessly and while she loves the heat it seems too much even for her at times: she’ll often just plonk herself down in a shady part of the flat and languish there, mwaoling (that’s a new word) until someone pays her attention.

I am determined to try and write more here. Its been ages since i sat down and wrote about what I was feeling. I think perhaps I have less time and more things to do, but writing is something I love and was good at before. I second guess myself and mistake my own writing for ‘content’ that someone needs to approve of. In work now I write chatty little blurbs about events and workshops, and create very little. Taking a photo of Morven last week reminded me that I love being artsy. Perhaps if I lose my job because of David Cameron I shall move to Spain and starting weaving, or pottery.

I’m feeling in a whimsical sort of mood this afternoon. I worked through my lunch and still left work at 5:15pm, so feel a sort of disgruntled relief to be off now until Tuesday. Maybe I’ll get drunk tonight and have a lie in tomorrow (I had planned to go to the gym before leaving for Dornoch but feel that isn’t really very rock ‘n’ roll at all) and maybe I’ll stay drunk the whole weekend. Morven won’t mind – she’s the most chilled out bride ever. T-minus three days and counting to her wedding she was watching Prince Videos and mooching about on Facebook. What a gal.

This weekend promises to be a right carry on* and I hope to instill a little rock ‘n’ roll spirit into my lacklustre veins. Have written a pile of shit now. anyone who’s read this far is on my xmas list. Thanks Mum.



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