And away we go!

It’s really time I started sorting out my wedding plans. I’ve been researching things like the price of renting chairs, cutlery, cake plates etc.

I’ve woken at 4am and googled ‘LED tealights’ after remembering IN MY SLEEP that we are not allowed candles in our reception venue.

I know more about paper lanterns and LED bulbs than anyone. ever.

I am now officially ‘watching’ over 30 items on Ebay, including cake stands, tablecloths, even some floor cushions. And a beach windbreaker.

I randomly emailed a festival marquee company about a ‘party tent’ which will ‘only’ cost £450. Now I really want it.

Every time I research something my budget gets less realistic and I get another grey hair.

Don’t even talk to me about hair. Grow, dammit. You have exactly 11 months to grow at least 4 inches. Is that do-able? Hold on, I’ll check.

Right. I should be ok. Online consensus is half an inch per month. Will just have to go through extreme bad hair days to get the lustrous locks I plan to sport on the Big Day.

Keep thinking of stuff and needing to write it down. I have a postit in my handbag that says “Wedd: CATSITTER” in manic scribbly writing. Another torn-off bit of file paper bears the legend: “Tables = round/rectangle – size??”

I’m losing it.


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