Project Runaway, or ‘A New Hope’

I’ve finally regained consciousness after several months of post-college, post-wedding detox. I’ve been instagramming, tweeting and facebooking and came out of retirement briefly to write a wedding blog (two, in fact – one was for Changeworks) but all’s been quiet on Broughton & Beyond.

Until now! I started a dressmaking class on Monday night and am really excited about my ten week project. Inspired by my mum who made my wedding and bridesmaids dresses, and my Marie who has been to the class before and made some lovely things, I signed up for the course through the Adult Education programme with Edinburgh Council.

Luckily for my motivation levels the class takes place in Drummond High School, about 30 yards away from my flat. The first class was good fun, and we got to chat about our prospective projects and types of material, pattern and skill level.

I’ve now chosen my pattern, which is a beautiful vintage design from the 1950s. Well, you know me. Here’s the dress:

I’m going to make the one on the left, and I’ve bought some really gorgeous light wool material to make it with. It’s a small houndstooth pattern with black and green colours. I’ve got a black zipper and black lining material and need to cut out the pattern and the cloth ahead of next week’s class.

Abbie, the class teacher, is great. She is a calm and beautiful lady who is really obviously into what she does. My classmates are all female, predictably, and range in age from about 20 up to mid 60s.

I’m hoping to write a blog post each week (don’t quote me) to document how I get on, maybe with some ‘work in progress’ pics and hopefully no rants.

Tune in next week to read about how I hopefully didn’t mess up the pattern cutting.


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