Dressmaking week 3 – spots and notches

I was a bit hasty last night night and brought my sewing machine to class. Well I’d cut out my fabric, hadn’t I? all I needed to do was cut out the lining material sections and then I’d be sewing away…

fabric cut outs

I’d reckoned without the complexity of the design I’ve chosen. It’s an ‘easy’ pattern by Simplicity but the dress I am making has ruches AND darts, meaning there are lots of dots all over the pattern where you need to mark the fabric for later.

Once you’ve marked all the dots with a visible thread you then look around the edges of your pattern pieces, searching for little triangle shapes. These are also a type of marker, used to help you line up your sections when you start to construct them. With the pattern still pinned to the fabric and lining, you use scissors to cut into these triangles (about 0.5cm deep) so that when you line up your sections you can easily connect them at the right points.

Here’s a picture of the dots on the pattern, with my white thread markers sewn through:

dots and notches

After this the pattern paper comes away easily and you can separate your layers, snipping the thread after each one so you’re left with little thread tails:

dart markers

By the time I’d cut the lining, re-pinned the fabric to the pattern, marked all the dots and notches and separated all the layers successfully, it was 8:45pm!

The next thing I’ll do is run a zigzag stitch around some of the edges to stop them from fraying. There’s no class next week but I might have a go at doing that at home; I’m an expert at zigzag stitching after making comedy toy owls for babies last year. 🙂

I decided to line the whole thing after all so the next step after that will be constructing the lining of the dress!


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