Return of the Jedi [dressmaking student]

After a week off at half term and then a week off due to being struck down by hurricane snotty, I was actually feeling a little underwhelmed about going back to the class, knowing I’d not done anything at home to move things forward.

Luckily, as I’m 50 yards away from the school I wised up and lugged my sewing machine and bag over to pick up where I left off.

dressmaking progress

I was threading up the machine and noticed that the bobbin and already in there was steel – all mine are plastic – and threaded with ivory thread… and I realised that the last time it was in use was when my Mum was over here making my wedding dress! I actually got a wee bit sentimental, and am keeping the bobbin and thread, along with the (frankly knackered) 14 gauge needle that Mum was using to finish off the beautiful dress she made for my big day. This really woke me up to why I started this course – not just because I’d like to make nice things, but because I am so in awe of her skill and patience.

Once I’d returned to earth feeling freshly inspired I rigged up the machine with some sturdy black thread and a new size 11 needle, and gave the mechanism a good clean before getting started with some ACTUAL SEWING [Klaxon!]:

dressmaking progress

I’ve basically spent two hours tonight sewing a zigzag stitch around the centre seams, the necklines and the hem edges. This not only stops the edges from fraying while I’m arsing about with darts etc, it’ll help to strengthen the neckline as well and make it a bit more sturdy.


Above: I marked on the pattern instructions which edges I was going to zigzag, to save me from losing my mind.

It was also good to get some practice sewing with this particular material, and getting some good runs with the machine so I can get better at controlling the foot pedal and therefore the speed:

dressmaking progress

One of the girls in my class had a bit of a trigger happy foot and accidentally sent her machine into overdrive, nearly ruining her fabric – I was a bit smug that it didn’t happen to me, but realised it’s early days and there is still huge potential for me to mess things up (tune in each week to find out when and how this happens!). I took some time to snap a few pics on my phone for blog purposes, and packed up for 9pm on the dot. Abi the tutor asked me if I wanted her to show me how to start with the darts business, but I pointed out that I’ll have a whole week to forget it all so, next week, DARTS! Not the kind you throw, the kind you sew.

dressmaking progress

Above: some arsey pic of my zigzag sewing, against the backdrop of my sewing machine’s instruction book – already well-thumbed after mucking about with spools and things I can’t even name.


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