Here a dart, there a dart…

This week has been pretty busy so my update is a little bit late. I was busy blogging for Changeworks today and I remembered my little dressmaking journey needed to be updated too!

Monday night was cold and blustery and the class wasn’t very busy. That didn’t mean I got extra one-on-one tutoring though; the slightly annoying woman who looks like the Grinch was taking up all her time. But instead of letting the tutor talk and show her how to put darts into the skirt she was making, she kept interrupting her to talk about herself – not listening to the teaching!

Then when I eventually got time with the tutor and was getting on with my own work, the Grinch kept asking me what to do, and showing me her darts and asking if I thought she’d made a mess of them. I was struggling to stay civil!

Anyway, rants aside. I got into the swing of things and got busy putting some darts into my own project, which still looks like a pile of scrap fabric full of pins. I can’t quite envisage putting it on and rocking it at the xmas do, but I’m sure I will!

The white threads I used to mark the ‘dots’ from the pattern were still there and I used these as a guideline to basically nip the fabric along a line and pin along it, creating a little vertical crease into the ‘wrong’ side of the material. I then tacked alongside the pins, removed them and then machine sewed the dart in properly.

Not too difficult but rather time consuming! I realised I have 16 to do – 8 on the dress and another 8 on the lining. Nightmare. Have realised that I basically have zero attention to detail and the attention span of a goldfish. Am sticking with it though – once I’ve started constructing the pieces into something resembling a garment I’ll be delighted.

Here are some pics:


pinning through the fold


You can see the white thread marker if you look closely


tacking – pins out, ready to run through the machine

Oh, and I’ve run out of black thread. What are the odds I’ll forget to buy more before the next class?


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