Mean machines

Time’s marching on – I only have 3 more weeks to get the dress finished! It’s ok though, I have 8 hours of class in those three weeks, plus I’m at the stage where I can get on with stuff at home. This week class was a disaster. The Grinch was distracting me (“does this look wrong to you? it looks a bit wrong to me, what do you think? I think I’m going to give this skirt to someone else as a gift…” ad nauseum) and I managed to do two of my darts on the WRONG side of my fabric! Argh! The material is very similar on each side to be fair, but I still had to spend a while unpicking the two beautifully sewn darts, then doing them all over again on the other side of the piece.

Back section

Great darts – wrong side of the fabric 😦

I thought that was the only thing that would go wrong, but as I confidently started sewing the centre front seam together (to make the front lower part of the dress) I ran out of thread in the bobbin, meaning my sewing only went half way up the seam! Again, I had to unpick and sew again. I took matters into my own hands by spending two hours at home doing it all again, plus the back centre seam and the darts and centre seams in the lining.

I’m hoping I can put the top (bust and straps) together at the next class, and start putting everything together. If Abi gives me a hand I am confident I can be ready to put the zip in by the week after next.

Our Christmas night out is on the 14th Dec, and I’d really like to be able to wear my creation to that! The thought of it is very exciting – I have a great pair of black wedges and a wee black cardigan that will match really well – and I’m planning to visit my hairdresser after work on the 14th for a 1950s style vintage up-do. The thought of this gives me my dressmaking mojo!

Hair-wise, now that I have a proper fringe going on, I’m liking the Betty Page style do – like this.

I’m really enjoying getting to grips with my sewing machine – which I really like using. it wasn’t expensive, I think I paid £89 for it (in last year’s January sales – half price) and I really think I’ve got a good quality machine. It isn’t too complicated, and is easy to understand and use, especially the pedal which is really nice and sensitive so you can go slow when you need to!

Mean machine

The mean machine

Anyhoo, in the meantime I’d better get back to making tea for my husband and father-in-law who are doing up our bathroom. I’ll post some pics of that too when it’s done, just for a change from green and black fabric. Oh wait, the new bathroom is white, black and… green!


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