Zipping along

Wow, time really does fly when you’re really busy. I didn’t update last week, but I basically got the back of the dress constructed, and pinned and tacked the zip in. I felt pretty triumphant as the previous week I still just had 7 bits of fabric and a load of grief.

I went along this week and powered through the front of the dress, which has rouching (I’ve no idea how you actually spell that, and if I don’t know no-one does) to create the bust shape. I was very proud of myself for getting the whole front of the dress constructed and then completing the zip on the back. I then pinned the dress at the shoulders and… put it on!

Abi pinned it down each side (the way my Mum pinned the girls’ bridesmaids dresses back in February) so I could see where to nip it in, and I unzipped the zip to step out of it. Bingo!

It felt fantastic to have the dress on – 16 hours of hard work and not a small amount of money have gone into the creation of this thing! It really looked good, if I say so myself!

Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks, via my Flickr page:


Above: pinning the ironed seams to the zip band, then tacking along the edges


Above: Houndstooth glove coincidence; sewing the zip into place; the dress so far

So I have 4 more hours of class left, and I’m confident I’ll get the outer dress totally finished. I need to catch up on the lining in my spare time so that the final class just involves sewing the lining in around the neck and sleeves, from where it will hang inside the dress. I also just need to slip-stitch the lining so that it’s attached to the zip and the skirt’s split, but I guess I could figure that out at home. I have until 14 December! Eeek!


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