Dressmaking – the finale

Well, it’s been a few weeks now since I posted – I got caught up in getting the dress finished and then party season started so I’m now recovering (hoping I’ll deflate soon) and I don’t have a class to go to now so I’ve no excuse to bore you all.

The dress was very nearly finished at the last class I went to. I worked on it at home for about 3 or 4 hours over the following week and it was finally finished the day before the work Christmas party!

As the dress is very wide on the shoulder I fashioned a little ‘harness’ for my bra strap using a popper and some elastic:


And the finished product? I was really pleased:


I wasn’t just pleased with the end result though – I was pleased with myself for staying motivated and for putting 100% effort into the project. I’m a notorious corner-cutter and in this case I can hold my hands up and say I paid attention to detail, even if I did resort to wonder-web for the hem (along with a nice neat slip-stitch to keep it all in place).

I also enjoyed the learning process, and hope I absorbed enough knowledge to set me up for a future project (perhaps with a bit of help from my mammy or my surrogate mammy, Marie).

I hope you found my wee blog interesting – I’ll keep on posting my little projects here and will hopefully have a fruitful and creative 2013.

Happy new year!


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