Hibernation over?

Is it Spring? I really hope so. In Edinburgh there are no guarantees about what season is it – one can never tell exactly. It’s frosty but the sun is blasting and bulbous crocus and daffodils and snowdrops are starting to surge up through the icy ground. I’ve even got some tulips in the kitchen – but I think they came from somewhere else, lovely though they are.



My favourite – absolute favourite – sign of spring is the arrival of the cherry and apple blossom. I also love seeing the first snowdrops and hearing blackbirds singing at dawn and dusk, but the blossom on the trees makes me think winter must be over, for such fragile little flowers to be out. I’d love to go to Japan to see the cherry blossom season there.

I observed yesterday that it was about 8 degrees – definitely chilly but bright and warm when the sun was on my back. It was 8 degrees on our wedding day last year (28 April) – it really was cold! I don’t remember, was too full of adrenaline and energy to notice all our poor guests shivering on a cliff top.

I’ve seen some blossom in Fife (last weekend) but Edinburgh is still shrouded in it’s winter clothes for now, with those spring bulbs starting to tug at the sleeves.

I was going to write a blog about eye contact in Edinburgh, but will save that for another time. It’s too sunny and nice to talk about anything else but flowers and sunshine. Have a lovely day everybody, wherever you are.


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