Mayday, mayday

Look at my last post. Look at the date and, if you’re in Edinburgh, laugh at my naivety. We had gales, snow, hail and lashings of rain for much of the time that’s elapsed since then. Oh, and don’t forget the skull-piercing cold temperatures that just wouldn’t quit.

This time last year the apple and cherry blossoms had been and gone; this year they’re just plucking up the courage to emerge. The tulips and daffs are back with a vengeance after the first round got swiftly flattened/frozen/flooded by the most vicious battle of the seasons we’ve seen for a long time.

There’s been an angry little robin furiously trying to protect our tree (a rowan tree just outside our kitchen window) who’s only just disappeared under the erupting foliage. I was rather enjoying watching his rumbles with visiting coal tits, chaffinches and even the occasional green finch. He’s a feisty wee man and we can still hear him trilling from within the canopy. He seems to feel a bit better now he’s got the protection of the new leaves – even if they’re a couple of months later this year.

We have been seized by the urge to tidy up, clear out and do some serious DIY. My survival instincts have kicked in and I’ve sought help from my joiner friend Martin for some of the trickier jobs. Why all the sudden flurry of activity?

We’re expecting, that’s why! It’s all very real and happening – or rather, when we get to November it’ll all be happening. We’re over the moon, of course, but all of a sudden our lives have changed course slightly and we have different plans to make, things to save up for, decisions to make. The changing of the seasons will continue to happen but I’m not sure if I’ll have time to reflect on them the way I usually do. All is changed, already.

The purpose of this blog may well change too – just a heads up. I intend to try and document some of the changes and experiences we go through over the next wee while; no gory details or anything though. I’ll keep it clean.

Instead I’d like to try and focus a wee bit on our impact on the environment as we hurtle towards parenthood. We’ve agreed we’d like to try and ‘do the green thing’ wherever possible. We’ll be saving trees and money by shopping savvily on Gumtree and gleefully accepting hand-me-downs of everything. We’ll try using real nappies and we’ll experiment with anything ‘eco’ that comes our way. Our baby will be fed, watered, cleaned and clothed with minimum carbon footprint, but hopefully at no cost to the poor child’s quality of life.

For now though, the wee ba is only the size of a lemon or something so I’ll probably continue to update this as sporadically as ever until I’ve actually got something to say.


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