Bridge over the River ‘Aye’

I was up early to get the train to Inverness to see colleagues in our office up there. Four hours is a long trip and I’m delighted to say the 3 people who were sitting around me have all moved or got off. I was worried I’d be uncomfortable and cramped – even more than usual as my bump is getting bigger, and I’m getting clumsier, and grumpier!

Aside from eating about £10 worth of fruit from M&S I’ve not had much to do except enjoy the view – and what views!

This journey has shown me my favourite type of Scottish scenery. From coastal sunshine and craws over brown fields in Fife to high evergreens and fields of skittering fat lambs in Perthshire – it just gets prettier.

My only regret is that I neglected to bring my headphones. I love listening to music when I’m on the train. And although the noisy Aussies got off earlier our carriage is vibrating to the noise of a very deaf old man who shouts ‘Aye!’ Or ‘Thats Right!’ Every time his mumbly companion finishes a sentence, which is roughly every ten seconds. It’s actually driving me so crazy I had to write this to distract myself.

Out the window I’ve seen low rocky rivers, high mountains, sunlit forests and wide, flat, green plains full of coos.

And I’ve got our baby on board of course – now I’ve really started to feel the wee wriggler kicking and moving around. Instead of feel creeped out (as one might reasonably expect) it feels reassuring and cute. But sometimes a little bit violent – as though the ‘Aye’ man is annoying the baby too. Like mother, like bairn I guess.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to the view and hope Mr ‘Aye!’ Gets off at Blair Atholl.


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