The budget bucket list thing

I heard from a friend and fellow blogger Amy about this moneysupermarket bucket list thing. Amy wrote a lovely blog setting out some of her wishes for memories she wanted to create for her family.

I have to confess I’m a bit like her – I don’t crave world travel (although I wouldn’t turn down the chance) and with a baby on the way I’m not sure what my priorities will look like even in a year or so.

So, what should I put down on this hypothetical bucket list? I read up and found we are invited to choose a ‘budget’ and an ‘extravagant’ option. Here goes.


Manage to kit out my new baby and always provide everything he or she needs – without breaking the bank or going against my green values.

Get to Donegal every year – like Amy I have some treasured memories of family holidays there. It’s a magical place.

Manage to resist hitting my cat with a shovel when she wakes me up at 4:30am. In about 16 weeks time this is going to become a major problem and my husband is already hiding all the heavy throwable objects that might otherwise be within my reach.

Extravagant: you know what? If I was totally unfettered and didn’t feel society’s pressure and the pressure of needing to make ends meet I would actually go freelance as a copywriter. It’ll take some balls, but one day I think I’ll do it. I will save up enough to take the plunge; drum up some business and invest a wee bit of cash in a good website with some decent SEO, a professional portfolio to show clients and maybe even some business cards (recycled paper of course). Of course as I mentioned things will be changing a lot quite soon and I hadn’t really expected to be… expecting… so soon. My career is taking a back seat for a while, but with £2,000 I could spread my wings a bit and start the journey to self sufficiency.

You never know, we could end up in a house with a garden and chickens, and maybe even a bathroom with a window!

*sigh* I guess that’s my bucket list. I’m being very practical with it but that’s what happens when £2k is waved under my nose these days.

Adulthood! Argh!



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