The day we grew up

Wow. Today is Saturday. Six months ago we would be waking up about now, perhaps fighting off a bit of a headache after a few jars the night before. Our to do list, if one existed, might have said ‘buy papers’ or at its most strenuous ‘big shop’.

Today’s has a plethora of grown up stuff on it, as baby-prep is finally kicking off. We are off to a baby sale thing (I mentioned Jack and Jill markets before), then to IKEA (can our relationship handle it?) for a look at some other stuff. We are hoping to buy a pram and a cot today.
BUT that’s not all; we are also going to look for a sofa bed and some new carpet for the spare room, AKA THE BABY’S ROOM!

And Jamie tells me there is football on at 5:15pm. Are there enough hours in the day to accomplish this? Hmmm. If I don’t drop dead from exhaustion first, we may just do it.

Weekends used to be leisurely affairs. Now they’re for life admin and catching up on all the housework I’m too knackered to do during the week.

And it’s August, so naturally I’m fending off ‘offers’ from friends wanting to come and visit. It’s funny, in Edinburgh I think friend visits jump about 300% during the festival. Normally I love this but am just wrecked this year, and being teetotal doesn’t help me feel much empathy for my party-seeking friends. Still, Sunday will see the arrival of our last house guest (if we can help it) before the baby comes.

Anyway I’ve got to go and do a few things before we set off- I’ve been up for hours of course- so here’s the almost 25 wks bump pic:



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