Tea party and bumpdate

As I no longer indulge in late night boozing, I was in bed pretty early last night. We were out for my husband’s birthday and went to a gig with some good mates, and I surprised myself by staying alert and happy til well after the band finished!

It may have had something to do with Jamie calling the venue to reserve us a booth at the gig, so I wasn’t forced to stand about getting jostled; instead I had space to sit and get brought soft drinks by all our lovely friends. I really enjoyed getting dressed up in a lovely black and white dress (given to me by a colleague) and putting on some thick eyeliner and red lippy. Everyone told me I looked great, and even if they were just being nice it felt brilliant! Jamie’s been so great, I couldn’t ask for a more considerate husband.

Anyway after bailing about 10:45pm I was up with the lark this morning -Jamie’s actual birthday (and my Mum’s too funnily enough)- to wrap a pressie, blow up a few balloons and pin a birthday banner to our fireplace. It wasn’t the biggest gesture but Jamie was really touched when he finally surfaced, a little rough round the edges.

We invited his mum and dad round for a birthday tea, and I really enjoyed putting together a high-tea style ‘spread’ of sandwiches, cakes, tea, juice and strawberries. I love an excuse to use some of my vintage tableware and my lack of hangover meant I put in 100% effort!

In between housework, catering, blowing up balloons and paying attention to my hung over birthday boy I found the time to take a bump pic too. Am now collapsed on the sofa and Jr is pulling back flips – I can SEE it moving! I thought that was a myth – I was wrong!






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