Community Energy Fortnight: Power to the people

Off topic for me, but something I’m really interested in – communities working together to make things better.

The Changeworks Blog

We’re delighted to welcome guest blogger Katie Shaw from Forum for the Future, which convenes the Community Energy Coalition. As it’s Community Energy Fortnight, Katie is promoting the benefits of working together for strength in numbers…

“Power to the people. Say we want a revolution, we’d better get on right away. Power to the people right on.”

So go the lyrics to John Lennon’s 1971 hit song, “Power to the People”.  The political revolution it referred to at the time is pretty different to the revolution being sought by many in the UK today. But there’s certainly a resonance in its sentiment that’s resulted in it becoming something of a ‘team song’ for me recently.

So what is the revolution being called for in 2013? Well, it’s an energy revolution. And a community energy revolution, at that. In the words of Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and…

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